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Bale and Hare
Framing Service 

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Welcome to Bale & Hare Framing in Holloway,North London.

With decades of experience, Bale & Hare in Holloway offers specialist framing for artists, galleries, museums, and private clients. We combine traditional and modern techniques to provide the highest quality conservation framing and hand-finished frames, ensuring outstanding results for all your needs.

  1. Specialist Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing Experts: Specialists in framing for artists, galleries, museums, and collectors, offering the highest quality and innovative techniques.

2. Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Blend of Tradition and Innovation: Hand-finished frames combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques for outstanding results.

Other art display options

We also offer other art display options like perspex boxes and Dovetail stretchers. These are also made to size for each individual project.

Project Management

We provide fully bespoke picture framing, individually designing each project to efficiently display and protect your artwork with precision.


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